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Kauai Stories
Paperback, ebook & Audiobook
293 pages
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Kauai Stories 2 on Amazon.com 

 Kauai Stories 2 
Paperback & ebook
302 pages
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Kauai in My Heart on Amazon.com 

Kauai In My Heart

Paperback & ebook
103 pages
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My Name is Yoshiko on Amazon.com 


My name is Yoshiko
Paperback & ebook
125 pages
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Life on the tropical island of Kauai comes alive in this collection of 50 personal stories told by the island’s people.

Topics include dancing hula; making salt the Hawaiian way; growing up island-style in sugar plantation camps; and sailing thousands of miles across oceans in a voyaging canoe navigated only by the stars, moon, sun and waves as ancient Polynesians did 1,500 years ago.

Special section featuring four of the island's World War II veterans.


The lively second volume of 50 more personal stories told by Kauai’s people.

Explore the ocean with those who live to surf; swim dangerous coastlines; and hunt for tasty, tiny opihi that live on the underside of ocean rocks.

Dance hula with the teenage daughters of a hula instructor, girls who feel they were born to perpetuate the dance of their ancestors.

Other topics include ghost stories, lei-making and romance on The Garden Island.

Harry T. Yamanaka’s charming anecdotes of growing up one of 13 children on Kauai in the 1930s and 1940s.

Join him as he makes his own fishing canoe with comical results; walks along a mile-long road at night with the ghost of Felix; and learns how to use the first telephone ever installed in the tiny sugar plantation camp where he spent his childhood.

Feel Harry's growing connection with his parents, who immigrated to Kauai from Japan in the early 1900s.

Four months after Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941, pulling the United States into World War II, Yoshiko Kawaguchi’s life changed. She, her three siblings, their parents and 120,000 other Japanese Americans, were imprisoned by the U.S. government, perceived as threats to national security due solely to their Japanese ancestry.

Forced to live for five months in a horse stall, then two years behind barbed wire in an internment camp in Arkansas, Yoshiko and her family learned they could survive anything. 

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Also available at select Kauai locations.

Also available at select Kauai locations. 

Also available at select Kauai locations. 


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