Live a Life of Freedom & Joy!

Debra Valentina vulnerably shares her journey from a chaotic, dysfunctional childhood to a thriving, satisfying life. 

Through the roller coaster ride she takes us on, we are filled with hope that we, too, can turn out to be happy, contributing human beings. You will not want to miss this engaging ride!

 *  *  *

Beyond Chaos is a touching memoir about resilience, adaptability, humor and the power of the choice to heal and overcome. Debra’s story is a shining example of how life’s challenges and adversity are the very threads we weave to fulfill our life’s work.

— Sydney Culver, Coach and Healer

Debra reminds us through her honesty and transparency that truth and an open heart always win. This book serves as an inspiration that we are never stuck in chaos.

— Patrick Feren, Spiritual Director, Center for Spiritual Living Kauai

Debra’s willingness to share her deepest shame and personal triumphs illustrate that anything is possible for each of us. A good read for anyone ready to move from “I can’t” to “Yes, I can!”

— Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director, Center for Spiritual Living

Debra Valentina is a holistic intuitive coach for female entrepreneurs and executives, and a leadership development workshop facilitator. 

She also speaks internationally on personal development topics.

Debra has been a serial entrepreneur, having owned three successful healthcare companies. Prior to her entrepreneurial career, she was a healthcare executive. 

Debra lives in Denver, Colorado and loves to travel the world. 

You may contact her at:

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